Oh my!  These stashing posts have reached double figures.  Me, a problem with buying fabric?  Don’t be so ridiculous!  In my defense, I didn’t actually buy this post’s stash additions, I won them!  I never win anything, so you can imagine my utter surprise and delight when I received an e-mail from Sarah letting me know I’d won her Sunday Stash giveaway.  I vaguely remembered what I’d written in my entry comment; something about my stash lacking greens and purple.  Well, I can tell you that has been rectified in the most gorgeous, color-saturated way.  After a depressing day at work yesterday I came home to a package brimming with delights.

How awesome are these!  I would never have expected to receive some Botanics in my prize bundle.  I love anything Carolyn Friendlander does and her newest collection is so rich and versatile it begs to be seen in the cloth, as it were.  I’ve used crosshatch in numerous past projects and there two new colourways shout binding to me. As if one designer wasn’t enough, nestled amongst Carolyn was Denyse Schmidt, Lizzy House and Violet Craft.  I’ve always admired domino dots from afar and now I may have to acquire some more.

photo 3(1)

I’m so thankful to Sarah for these fabrics and can’t wait to work them into a project soon!  Today I’m linking up for Sunday Stash with Kate Quilts as last I heard, Molli was slumming it in Tokyo airport.  Poor love!


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