True to my word, I held off from joining anymore swaps for about, oh, I don’t, five minutes! In my defense, the latest thing to lure me with its charms is the second incarnation of the No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee, which this time takes the form of a round-robin-style medallion swap.  Pretty hard to resist, right?

You may remember last year when the hashtag #NGAQB popped up all over Instagram.  It was such a fun and creative experience that there was no way I couldn’t be involved the second time around. This year, John Adams took charge to round-up seven male quilters to partake in what promises to be an awesome swap.  No different to any round robin you’ve seen before, each month will see one quilter add to another’s quilt before sending it on. Fun, fun and more fun!

I’ve spent the last few days pulling fabric and making my centre ‘square’ (a term I apply very loosely). I’ve chosen a saturated palette of deep teals, mustards and red-purples (surprised?) with accents of greys, blacks and beige neutrals.  I went for an improv approach, sewing and slashing with abandon to come up with something I hope the others guys will find inspiring.  I want each future round to reflect the quilter who added it, and instructed them that anything goes!

This first part is en route to Scott, along with a bunch of fabric, some I used and some I didn’t.  I hoping that snippets of the centre block’s fabrics scattered throughout the quilt will add some continuity and bring all the additions together.  The pile is full of Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Carolyn Friedlander and many more of my favourites. So much great stuff to play with!

As for my first addition, it’s going to be on a Molli Sparklified unicorn. Yes, you heard right. I’ve already got an idea of what I want to do and cannot wait for it to arrive.  Watch this space!  Have any of you experienced a round-robin swap?  Tell me all about it!



I’m so looking forward to a day in the very near future when I can sit down and fill you all in about recent attic antics!  The festive period has proven to be one of the busiest, both in work and outside of it.  I can’t wait to just sew, write and drink tea with gay abandon!

For now then, a visual feast.  A little stash addition that had me weak at the knees.  Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics collection, in all its gorgeous glory.  I may have or may not have had some of these prints already…

Enjoy, for however long you want, then check out all the other fabric goodness over at Molli Sparkle’s Sunday Stash.


Jeg havde en vidunderlig tid i København!

It’s always hard coming back from a holiday and returning to your everyday life.  Whilst in Copenhagen, we ate too much, drank too much and walked more than anyone really should on a holiday, but such excess made for a great trip.  Our friend was the perfect host and tour guide, having planned five days worth of activities that kept us all busy from dawn to dusk…pretty much.

We visited castles and cafes, the tiny Little Mermaid and the grave of H.C Anderson, shopped in antique stores and toured the canals.  Yet amongst our filled itinerary, I found time for fabric!  A 15 minute train journey from the city center took us to Lyngby and Speich Design – a patchwork and quilting shop.  Whilst I was in fabric heaven, my companions were not so enthralled, and slunk off to find coffee.  I was alone, sans distract, and had time on my side.

The shop was beautifully arranged.  Wall to wall fabric bolts arranged in colour order competed for my attention.  A quick scan showed little designer fabric, but the selection was none-the-less impressive.  As well as the yardage, there were baskets of fat quarters, threads, rulers, templates, and other notions.  I was particularly taken with the large range of paper piecing templates, ranging from tiny quarter-inch hexagons to all manner of polygons.  The price was a tad over what I would pay here in the UK, but I wasn’t going to go home empty-handed.

As I rummaged through the colour-coded baskets I spotted some Botanics by Carolyn Friendlander.  Branches and Line Scratch in charcoal were snapped up, as was a graphic green print by Riley Blake.  My inner geek couldn’t leave a Michael Miller Dinosaur print behind, and I was almost floored when I came across a fossil print, sadly lacking any selvedge information.

As well as this dedicated patchwork shop, Copenhagen also boasts a number of Stof 2000 stores, stof being the Danish word for fabric.  The location I visited had a limited quilting weight selection, but the prices were very reasonable, with many bolts offered for £6 a meter.

I restrained myself and went away with a little of this ant fabric.  Being a budding entomologist I couldn’t leave it behind, and It’ll sit well with the other creepy crawly fabric in my stash.  I also have plans for these ants when my #NGAQB month comes around.

As usual, I’m linking up with Moli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.  What new additions have you added recently?


Oh my!  These stashing posts have reached double figures.  Me, a problem with buying fabric?  Don’t be so ridiculous!  In my defense, I didn’t actually buy this post’s stash additions, I won them!  I never win anything, so you can imagine my utter surprise and delight when I received an e-mail from Sarah letting me know I’d won her Sunday Stash giveaway.  I vaguely remembered what I’d written in my entry comment; something about my stash lacking greens and purple.  Well, I can tell you that has been rectified in the most gorgeous, color-saturated way.  After a depressing day at work yesterday I came home to a package brimming with delights.

How awesome are these!  I would never have expected to receive some Botanics in my prize bundle.  I love anything Carolyn Friendlander does and her newest collection is so rich and versatile it begs to be seen in the cloth, as it were.  I’ve used crosshatch in numerous past projects and there two new colourways shout binding to me. As if one designer wasn’t enough, nestled amongst Carolyn was Denyse Schmidt, Lizzy House and Violet Craft.  I’ve always admired domino dots from afar and now I may have to acquire some more.

photo 3(1)

I’m so thankful to Sarah for these fabrics and can’t wait to work them into a project soon!  Today I’m linking up for Sunday Stash with Kate Quilts as last I heard, Molli was slumming it in Tokyo airport.  Poor love!