Last weekend, when I attended the Fat Quarterly retreat in London, I took with me a small suitcase, filled mostly with clothes, toiletries and the like, as well as an over-the-shoulder canvas bag that held the majority of my class supplies.  I imagine it comes as absolutely no surprise to you then that during the return journey home, my shoulders were burdened with an additional two bags.  Bank balance and musculature alike were not happy with the obscene amount of fabric I had managed to accumulate over the course of the retreat.

But what a retreat it was!  I swooned into London with all the excitability of a child at Christmas.  I had no idea what to expect and was, if I’m honest, a little nervous.  I needn’t have been.  The weekend was a delight from start to finish, so much better than I could have ever imagined.  I meet so many wonderful people, took some great classes taught by some greater teachers and, much to my disbelief, walked away with an even bigger sense of love and pride for the community we find ourselves in.  The passion was palpable.  In every room creativity bred, passing from person to person like an infectious laugh.  It was intense; days filled with fabric, friends and the odd power outage.  Seams were sewn and ripped alike; cutting, pressing, laughing and singing, all culminating in a teary farewell on the street outside Baden Powell House, thanks to a rather ill-timed fire alarm.  Wonderfully organised and incredibly rewarding, I’m already looking forward to the next one!

What made it so much fun for me were the people.  Before the retreat Id touched base with a few people on Instagram, most notably Kelly, who posts as the_orriginal.  As well as looking through her stash for any Tula I needed, Kelly was kind enough to be a fabric mule for me.  She told me she lives close to Intrepid Thread, and that if there was anything I wanted she’d be happy to bring it over for me.  Well, I don’t need asking twice!

Not wanting to over-burden her, I tried to restrain myself.  Unfortunately fortunately the store hadn’t received their delivery of Cotton and Steel by the time Kelly had to leave for London, so I limited my self to a fat quarter bundle of Indelible by Katarina Rocella.  This stunning debut collection is heavy with my favourite colours, teals, greys and mustards, and features a shade of purple that simply begs to be seen in real life.  Graphic lines mix beautifully with flora and fauna to make a truly striking collection.  I can see me needing more of this before to long.

I couldn’t let Kelly leave just yet though, not before I’d scored another fat quarter bundle, this time Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft.  This seemingly endless collection blends soft pastels with vivid greens, purples and metallic ink.  Like the indelible, this collection features stags, as well as birds and other woodland creatures.  There are so many useable prints my mind is doing over time trying to come up with a quilt design that will do them justice.

Go and seek out these fabrics at once!  You will not be disappointed!

I’m so greatful to Kelly for bringing these all the way from the states for me.  I have a lot more goodies that I acquired at #FQR2014 to share with you all, but you’ll have to wait until next week for the juicy details.  I’ve got to keep a little something back! so, after all of my recent extravagance, the stash looks like this…

Like I said on Instagram…it’s a sickness.

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How long do you take to answer the question “Do I really need this?”.  I asked myself that a lot this week as the department store where I work prepared to enter its summer clearance sale.  The usual things were offered up to savvy shoppers, you know, like duvets, wine glasses, saucepans and Tula Pink’s Fox Field collection.

What?  Hold the front page!

I was a shocked as you!  As a frequent visitor to the haberdashery department, I already knew that our remaining stock of Tula’s previous collection Acacia was to be reduced to half price and so had some set aside for me.  What I wasn’t expecting was the recently acquired Fox Field to follow suit.  So, with over 17 bolts of Tula goodness for around £5 a meter, I think it took me all of 0.25 seconds to say “YES!  I really, really need this.

So, nothing really new in the stash this week, just more of some old friends, 15 meters more!



I’ve some real beauties for you this week.  A few weeks ago, after a rummage and reordering of the stash, I began to lament on how little of the Architextures collection by Carolyn Friedlander I had left.  The crosshatch prints, also featured in her follow-up collection Botanics, are such useful additions.  They’re great for binding and make awesome backgrounds and negative space.  A little black and some of the text print made up the sum total of my remaining pieces.  This needed rectifying.

So, as I’ve been known to do in the past, a friend and I went all out and hunted some down, and not just stopping at the crosshatch prints either.  I wanted it all, the full house, something I sorely missed out on last time.  I knew the collection was going to be reprinted but had heard rumours that some designs would be left out.  Imagine then my delight as I saw more and more prints popping up for sale!

Now, in the space of a week, the only print I’m missing is the black blue print.  Instagram has been wonderful in allowing me to replenish my stock of this most beloved fabric, owing to all the great and sometimes rare things that pop up on the destash hashtag.  These are the first delivery, which I tore into a few days ago.  A rainbow of crosshatch and those to-die-for text prints.  The rest, which includes the more of the ledger and topography colourways, is due any day now and will be the stars of a feature Sunday Stash.

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I’m having a Dorothy Gale moment.  I’m realising how she must have felt stepping into those ruby slippers given to her by Glinda the Good Witch.  I mean come on, those are some pretty sparkly shoes to fill, and with all those citizens of Oz watching too.  That’s a gig!  Well, move over darling, because today I get to wear the sparkliest shoes of all and attempt to walk tall and proud in them.  Not an easy feat when their previous occupant was the effervescent Molli Sparkles.  That’s right, Sunday Stash is with me today fabric lovers, and I’m so happy you’ve all popped over to say hello.  Thankfully there was no arduously long yellow brick road to follow, just a simple click of  a link.  Dorothy really didn’t have it easy did she?

So, this week has been so crazily busy, what with sewing and teaching and designing…oh my…that my only really fabric purchase was a 10cm strip of black solid to use for binding on a quilt that I’ll be sharing soon.

“How terribly unglamorous!” shouted the assembled crowd.

Yes, yes I know.  But fear not, as I have some pretties (these don’t fly or wear little tailored waistcoats) to share that were…ahem…gifted to me.  Isn’t that the best kind of fabric?  Stuff that just lands on your doormat with a ta dah and a puff of awesomeness.  I have Katy Jones of I’m a Ginger Monkey fame to thank for these and although I can’t actually share with you all what I’ll be making with them just yet, know that they’ll be put to good use.

Timeless Treasures Sketch in yellow, sun, gold, daffodil and charcoal

You know those types of fabric that you just want bolts and bolts of?  Those trusty, go-to in a crisis ones you’d be happy to visit the Wizard with?  Well, the Sketch fabrics by Timeless Treasures are the Lion to Robert Kauffman’s Kona Scarecrow and Essex Tin Man.  I can’t live without them and want need some in every colour way.  I was having a hard time finding these yellow colours in the UK so Katy and her awesomeness got them sent to me, directly from Timeless Treasure.  That was a very good mail day I kid you not!  These prints need to be seen in person.  Their subtlety really does pack a punch and they’re far from cowardly.  My plan is to stock up on these at every available opportunity.

Since Dorthy got to go home it’s only fitting that I share a gift with all of you lovely people.  So, who want’s some fabric money?  I’m offering one lucky reader a $25 gift certificate for an online fabric shop of their choice.  So, whether you want to go wild in the virtual aisles of  Fat Quarter Shop, Intrepid Thread, Pink Castles Fabrics or M is for Make, just leave a comment letting me know what you’d buy if you won.  I’d love to shop vicariously through you all!  Also, whilst you’re here, please consider follow the blog and calling back for another visit.  I’d love to see you again!

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Just dropping by to share a few more slithers of fabric goodness with you all before we depart for a half term holiday.  We’ll be caravaning it for a few days in West Wales so I thought it prudent to stock up on some more Fox Field so I can work on my Rose Star Quilt lest the rain stop us from leaving.  I’ve also heard mentioned of a new fabric store close to where we are staying, so it’s highly likely I’ll return home with more fabric than I went with.  Every holiday needs a souvenir, right?

From top to bottom – Chevy Lace, Geo, Scribbles, Ponies, Leaf Zigzag and Fox Bunny in the mint colourway.

Again, I bought these in the department store where I work, who are happy to cut in 10cm increments.  These thin strips are perfect for EPP projects when only a small amount is needed.  Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m done with this collection though.  I’ll be back for larger cuts the moment I notice the bolts getting thin!  This pretty lot has already been fussily cut into and I’ll be sharing my Rose Star quilt progress soon.

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Not so crazy with the fabric this week, because sometimes less is more…oh what the hell, we all know more is more when it comes to fabricitis!  That disease has gone and got me good and there ain’t no curing it!  Though even if there was, I’d push the pill to the side of my mouth and pretend to swallow it!

Just two modest offerings today.  Firstly, those of you who follow me on Instagram will know how excited I was to received my EEP templates from Paper Pieces a few days ago.  I wanted a long-term, hand sewing project and ordered a variety of shapes to see me through week-long caravan holidays and cold winter nights.  I want to really embrace fussy cutting so alongside the paper pieces I also ordered their acrylic equivalents to allow me to precise cut out the bits of fabric I need. The first of those will be these stars in mint from Fox Field by Tula Pink.  I’ve gone a little Tula crazy lately and will have more to share with you once the goodies arrive, but this will do for now.  I’m lucky in the fact that the haberdashery department in the store where I work cut in 10cm increments; perfect for smaller projects like this.

Secondly is this delightfully charming Hungry Caterpillar panel from Makower.   Again, Instagram may have given you a clue about my intended use for this but I’ll be posting more details about my Vegetable Patch Quilt soon.  For now, I’m happy to stare at the colours in this caterpillar.  So awesome!

That’s it!  Sunday means a Molli link up.  Go check out all the other stashing going on.  It’s contagious I tell you!


Last week I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a new LQS.  Well, I say stumble, the man actually told me about it and, shock horror, offered to take me!  Never again may he moan about how much fabric I buy when he willing places it within my reach!  The first fabric I saw after walking through the door was something that I’d been coveting for a while.  In fact, I’d only looked at it online that very morning.  If there are quilting gods, then this was definitely a sign from them.

‘Hearty Good Wishes’ by Janet Clare for Moda is a stunning debut collection.  The dusky colours feel like they’ve been weathered by salty sea spray and the depictions of whales and seaweed are so charming.  I could have easily walked away with something from every bolt but I restricted myself to just a few pieces.  The whales were too difficult to leave behind, so I took some in each colourway, along with some seaweed and fish.  Given the close proximity of the shop I’ve no doubt I’ll be back for some more pieces from the collection.

I actually returned a few days later to have a chat with Susan, the owner, and find out a bit more about the place.  The Patchwork House in LLantrisant is all at once charming, quaint, cute and any other heart-warming adjective you can think of.  It opened in October of 2013 and stocks a carefully chosen selection of Moda fabrics, including yardage and precuts, Aurfil threads, yarns and notions.  Sunlight streams through the windows and makes everything all that more appealing.

photo 1(2)

Susan told me she’s always had a love for fabrics and was taught to sew by her mother.  She runs beginner’s classes in the shop, and had previously done so in the town hall.  Her interest in patchwork began when she attended an evening class in machine embroidery.  As she waited in the queue she was taken by all the patchwork she saw in the other line, the one for the patchwork class, and promptly switched.  She’s been an avid quilter ever since.  Her fabric tastes are traditional, reflected in the wide range of Moda she stocks, but recently she began buying Kaffe Fassett for the shop and would love to make a quilt from that one day.

photo 4(2)

photo 2(2)

Like me, Susan said that she is always sewing and, during quiet times in the shop, finds herself straightening bolts and folding fabric.  She’s currently working on a charm pack sampler, which she hopes to hang along side the other quilts she’s made.  I had such a nice time chatting with Sue.  Her shop is truly lovely, exactly how a quilting shop should look and feel.

She was kind enough to give me a ‘Soho Chic’ charm pack as a prize for a giveaway.  To be in with a change of winning, simply follow my blog AND like The Patchwork House’s Facebook pageLeave a comment below letting me know you’ve done both of those and I’ll draw a winner in a week.  Good luck!

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The winning comment was number 7.  Congratulations lindarees!  I hope you enjoy your prize.