These days, fabric is coming into the attic quicker than I can cut it up and make things!  As pretty as it looks all piled up on the shelf, and there are a lot of shelves, I recently took some time to start working with the amazing L’s Modern Basics fabrics that Lecien were kind enough to send me. These modern, vibrant blenders are perfect for so many things, but I wanted to really showcase the collection is a clean, graphic way, something which can be at odds with my usually improv piecing method.

I loved that the collection was split into two distinctly different colourways, warm and cool, so decided to work this into my design.  Log cabin blocks lend themselves beautifully to clean lines and optical illusions and are a great way use a large range of prints.  This was clearly the way to go!

I decided to paper piece the blocks as I wanted thin logs, half an inch to be precise, and like the accuracy this method gives.  I drafted a pattern and got cutting.  I’ve spent that last week making up blocks and have loved every second!  The piecing is so addictive and by pre-cutting my pieces to size beforehand, the blocks come together really quickly.

As I made the pattern on quarter-inch dot paper, I found that I was able to use the exact size of fabric for the log and use the dots to line up the pieces before sewing, making everything even easier since there’s no trimming of the seam.  I have the design all planned out and just need a few more blocks before I can start sewing them all together.  Watch this space.


8 thoughts on “LECIEN LOG CABIN WIP

  1. Looks great…
    And, I like your process!
    …But, can you please tell me more about this quarter-inch dot paper???
    Thank you!!

    • It’s a downloadable PDF that I print out and use to design my paper pieced patterns on. Why it works so well for this particular design is that I knew I wanted my logs to finish at 1/2″, which meant cutting at least 1″ wide pieces of fabric. Normally I would cut larger and trim, but with the quarter inch dotted lines, I can cut 1″ logs and use the dots to line up the seam allowance so that it’s exactly 1/4″ either side of the log. That means no trimming and faster piecing. It also works for the log length too. Hope that helps!

  2. I’ve never heard of quarter-inch dot paper and I’d like to know more about it too!! Love log cabin quilts and the colors you are working with are beautiful! I can’t wait to see your progress!!!

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