Today marks the first anniversary of Quilts From The Attic and a day I’m so proud to have reached.  When I created this blog I never imagined that the path it set me on would lead to such an inspiring and creative destination.  This little corner of the internet has all at once been a place where I can laugh, whine and seek solace in the company of people who are just a crazy as I am about all things quilt.

Looking back, I see how much I’ve grown into my quilting boots.  My first post was about the Dinosaur Quilt, a quilt which is still very close to my heart, being the first I made just for me.  That early exposure to improvisational piecing and a strong dislike for maths inspires many of the quilts I make today.  I’m drawn to random, I love sewing and cutting with abandon and have complete disregard for patterns or the final product.  That’s not to say I don’t have a vision, but I like to see where the fabric takes me, where the piecing take me.  More often than not it’s somewhere completely unexpected.  Back then, everything was a lesson.  Of course, it still is today, but I like to think that this journey has been one on which I’ve learned.  Over the past 12 months I’ve written patterns, taught quilting classes, become part of a quilting bee and attended a retreat – all things I would never have imagined possible a year ago.  Again, totally unexpected.

I guess that word really sums up what today means for me.  I never expected to have people actually be interested in what I make and say.  I still get a fuzzy feeling, even a year on, every time I get a new follower or someone leaves a comments.  My 29 Instagram followers that I had when I started the blog seemed perfectly normal.  Now, approaching 1500, I can’t help but smile inside.  Seriously, it BLOWS MY MIND!  The quilting community has become a close friend and every day I connect with more amazing people.

So thank you.  If you’re reading this or have liked a post, have commented or entered a competition, thank you all so very much.

Now, let’s celebrate with a little giveaway!  If you’re not already a follower, please consider becoming one, then leave a comment on this post telling me what you like most about the quilting community.  I’ll draw a winner in a week and put together a little custom fabric bundle as a prize.  Good luck and thanks once again for all your encouragement and support.  Here’s to the next year!


  1. Happy blogiversary! I follow your blog because your enthusiasm and aesthetic are wonderful. Your style couldn’t be farther from my own but I’m so inspired by your creativity.

  2. What I love most about this community is the inspiration, kindness and genuine interest in things I love and am interested in. My own quilting voice has grown so much because of the support. Congratulations on a wonderful year… Someday I might start a blog too but for now it’s IG!

  3. I love the different ideas & fabric choices that people use & I love your tips on the JL fabric department (my favourite place).

  4. I just like the community itself. The folks I have met have definitely been my go to people when I want to share things. It is such a giving and friendly community. I follow you via wordpress 🙂

  5. I follow just to get that out of the way! I love the community it is excepting, loving, friendly, and sharing! Congratulations on 1 year of blogging. It is the hardest year and you made it! Great accomplishment!

  6. I love the generosity of the quilting community, always ready to help out when needed, and I also love the inspiration I can find here! Congratulations on your year of blogging!

  7. The inspiration! Oh my gosh, the endless, amazing inspiration. Thanks for the chance. Now I’m off to see this dinosaur quilt.

  8. Recent follower. Congratulations . Your work is unique, with something a little unexpected, and your writings, always refreshing. I look forward to the “news”

  9. The quilting community buoys me up with encouragement , acceptance, and creativity, both on line, and in my local groups. Working on something is my daily tonic.

  10. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! You are amazing in your talent, writing and creativity of your creations. Each project you design is better than the last, if that’s possible. I’m anxious to send you my little piece of “blueberry” fabric and see what you’ll do with it. Of course, getting it to you (along with all the other fabric at my house) is the challenge! Maybe bit by bit?! Till then, keep enjoying and doing what you’re doing. You are truly inspiring.

  11. I’m fairly new to everything sewing, and I love quilting! When I started finding so much online in the quilting community I was a little shocked and a lot pleased. Everyone has been so nice and encouraging and you very rarely have to deal with a lot of negativity. We all have enough negativity at home so I think this is AWESOME! Nobody has to like everything they see, but the quilter does and that’s the main purpose of art, to be individual! Thanks so much, your blog has been a huge inspiration!


  12. Congratulations on your one year anniversary – a great achievement. I love the online quilting community because I never feel isolated. There are people at all different levels of experience so you don’t always feel intimidated but there is also someone to ask and learn things from. Every taste is catered for somewhere. From traditional, modern abstract, beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful in my eyes!) everyone can find some common ground in this world. I love quilt shows for their inspiration but I love online for its inclusiveness. Good luck for many years to come.

  13. I follow you. What I like best about the quilting community is how helpful most people are and how encouraging people are to everyone no matter what level of quilting you’re at. Congrats on your 1st blogiversary!

  14. The gathering of like minded people. We are all so very different yet we find a wonderfully kind, supportive, challenging group of incredibly creative strangers. People that are so giving and welcoming and happen to understand what it means to be a by hand fiber art creator. We are all artists making utilitarian yet magical art. We obsess together, free each other, laugh and find kindred spirits.

  15. Congratulations on your first blogging anniversary! I love the quilting community for being so supportive, inclusive and funny. There seems to be no awkwardness when meeting other quilty people. Thank you so much for a lovely giveaway!

  16. I found you through Molli Sparkles’ early posts about the No Girls Allowed bee. Through you and the other male quilters I follow, I love discovering instances in which a male perspective is different from mine. I might love even more those instances in which they are the same. So thank you for being part of that.
    Also, your vegetable patch quilt is hands down, ridiculous, to-die-for, beautiful. 🙂

  17. Congrats on your first year 🙂 I follow you on Instagram as kimberj56. The thing I love most about the quilting community is the boundless individuality within. Fabric choices alone can change a standard pattern to something unique. Its also an extremely supportive bunch of peeps, so willing to share ideas, info, a hand up or shoulder to cry on, and quilters are happy to celebrate accomplishments big and small. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a cool group?

  18. You have done a great job turning your love of quilting into a community — the passion you have shines thru the pages and that draws us in. I love the generosity of quilters…and their patience 🙂 . Happy Blogiversary.

  19. I just found your blog today, and love it! I signed up to follow you on pinterest. I have been interested in quilts for about a year now, and started reading quilt blogs and participating in the quilting community, although I do not blog, and the thing I like about it is how NICE everyone is. It truely is a community in the best sense of the word. I don’t have friends who like to sew, quilt or create things like I do, and the bloggers I have read have filled that gap for me. I have yet to take a quilting class, go on a retreat or join a group, but maybe that’s next. 🙂

  20. What I like best about the quilting community is the way everyone is so ready to help. I have never asked a question of someone that they didn’t post an answer or offer advice on whatever I was concerned about. Congrats to you too!

  21. Happy blogiversary! Honestly, I love how friendly and welcoming the quilting community seems to be. It’s less competitive and more “we’re all in this together.”

  22. I have made my best friends in this community. We laugh, cry and encourage each other all through life’s journey. It’s wonderful!

  23. I am a new follower. I love the quilting community because it is so full of inspiration. I love seeing everyone’s creativity and passion for the art form. Happy one-year!

  24. New follower on Bloglovin’. (Get a button for Bloglovin’). I like how the quilt world will give you tips, show how to do something. Just be there for you.

  25. The quilting community is amazing. Everybody I meet wants to help each other get better at our fun craft! It’s a pleasure to be in such great company!

  26. Happy Blogiversary!
    What I like about the quilting community is how helpful everyone is. I’m a new quilter, and I’m not made to feel like any of my questions are trivial or silly. Very inspiring and kind. :o)

  27. I love that in the quilt world, it’s so easy to find people you have so much in common with, not just quilting. And I love that quilty people are never afraid to share their secrets, so we can all learn together.

  28. What I love about the quilting community is the generosity of fellow quilters who love to share their creativity and tips. I’m a new quilter and am soaking up as much as I can. I’m a new email follower too! Congrats on your blog anniversary!

  29. Again and again the kindness and generosity of the quilting world surprises and overwhelms me. People take time to help others, answer questons, write amazing titorials… I have learned so much from it!!!

  30. Quilters are so helpful. If you have a problem one of them will have a solution. They are thoughtful and generous. Most all quilts made are given away. And inspirational just looking at pictures of their quilts gives you patterns and ideas to start your next quilting project.

  31. Happy anniversary! I think what I like most about the quilting community is how supportive everyone is and how generous people are with their time and expertise (and also with giveaways like this, haha)

  32. I already follow via bloglovin x What I love most about this little community of ours is that we can talk quilts with other people that don’t think that were ‘sad’ just for liking to sew! It’s also a great place to find inspiration and advice – I’d be lost without blogs and IG! Congrats on blogging for a year x

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