How long do you take to answer the question “Do I really need this?”.  I asked myself that a lot this week as the department store where I work prepared to enter its summer clearance sale.  The usual things were offered up to savvy shoppers, you know, like duvets, wine glasses, saucepans and Tula Pink’s Fox Field collection.

What?  Hold the front page!

I was a shocked as you!  As a frequent visitor to the haberdashery department, I already knew that our remaining stock of Tula’s previous collection Acacia was to be reduced to half price and so had some set aside for me.  What I wasn’t expecting was the recently acquired Fox Field to follow suit.  So, with over 17 bolts of Tula goodness for around £5 a meter, I think it took me all of 0.25 seconds to say “YES!  I really, really need this.

So, nothing really new in the stash this week, just more of some old friends, 15 meters more!


4 thoughts on “STASHING #23

  1. As a SABLE on a self-instigated fabric fast for at least a year, I’m drooling over your purchase! I wish I had only purchased what I needed for each project, instead of buying what was on sale – hard to resist $2.60/yard when a quit shop is closing! Now I can’t buy all the new yummy fabrics out there!

  2. Well, son, you have me hooked as well! Buying fabric for you, that is! A long time fabric store in my town is closing, and I had to see what they had that you might like. Needless to say, I did pick you up a few things that I think you’ll enjoy! 😉

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