Not so crazy with the fabric this week, because sometimes less is more…oh what the hell, we all know more is more when it comes to fabricitis!  That disease has gone and got me good and there ain’t no curing it!  Though even if there was, I’d push the pill to the side of my mouth and pretend to swallow it!

Just two modest offerings today.  Firstly, those of you who follow me on Instagram will know how excited I was to received my EEP templates from Paper Pieces a few days ago.  I wanted a long-term, hand sewing project and ordered a variety of shapes to see me through week-long caravan holidays and cold winter nights.  I want to really embrace fussy cutting so alongside the paper pieces I also ordered their acrylic equivalents to allow me to precise cut out the bits of fabric I need. The first of those will be these stars in mint from Fox Field by Tula Pink.  I’ve gone a little Tula crazy lately and will have more to share with you once the goodies arrive, but this will do for now.  I’m lucky in the fact that the haberdashery department in the store where I work cut in 10cm increments; perfect for smaller projects like this.

Secondly is this delightfully charming Hungry Caterpillar panel from Makower.   Again, Instagram may have given you a clue about my intended use for this but I’ll be posting more details about my Vegetable Patch Quilt soon.  For now, I’m happy to stare at the colours in this caterpillar.  So awesome!

That’s it!  Sunday means a Molli link up.  Go check out all the other stashing going on.  It’s contagious I tell you!