I’m not sure how many times you can apologise before the sentiment loses sincerity but I’m gonna have one more shot at it.  I am all kinds of sorry for the lack of blogging going on around here lately.  They say (quilters more than most) that life often gets in the way of the things you really want to do, and boy has it recently, and not just in that bumping-into-somebody-you-go-left-I’ll-go-right-akwardness, I mean, really in the way, like, pitched-a-tent-in-the-middle-of-the-road-to-my-recreation in the way.

However, alongside work and chores and sleep (Oh my!), one distraction is quite exciting.  In December 2012 I took a dressmaking course here in Cardiff.  Venn Tailoring was established in 1999 and set up a sewing school a few years ago, offering a wide range of courses for all abilities and interests.  I was asked by a friend to attend the dressmaking class with her and over the ten weeks made a dress from a vintage Vogue pattern which my friend, whose wedding I was attending the following summer, wore to her reception.  McQueen I was not, but the whole experience opened my eyes to an entirely different side of sewing that has piqued my interest ever since (Great British Sewing Bee anyone?).  Since the course I’ve remained friends with the owner Angela and know that whenever I have a quilt to baste I can call in and use her very large and very useful cutting table.

The last time I was there we started a conversation about how she was interested in running a patchwork and quilting course along side her other popular classes.  I told her what a great idea I thought it was.  Patchwork and quilting have never been so popular so the timing was great.  I was eager to know more and asked who she was getting to teach it.  It was then that she asked me to do it.

I was shocked and surprised and speechless.  Me, teach a class?  But the more I thought about it, the more excited I became.  I’d already taken a quick, one-hour session on English paper piecing at work but this was a full on, four-hour day course about the basics of patchwork.  How awesome!

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve been finishing up the class samples and working on handouts.  I’m so excited to pass on the quilting bug and get people passionate about patchwork.  The first class, on the 10th May, has been fully booked for some time now and we’ve already penciled another into the calendar which is filling up fast.  There’s even been talk about running a longer, ‘My First Quilt’ course, which would span five or six weeks and take people by the hand through the whole quilting journey, from choosing fabrics to adding a label.  How exciting!

I’ll let you know how it goes, and who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you at a class in the future?  Just don’t bring me apples…I’d much rather fabric!