I’ll start by saying shouting from the lofty heights of Gotham City’s skyline… “I’m loving making this quilt!”  Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let me tell you why in a more civilised fashion.

I began this quilt with the vaguest of plans.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I really wanted to embrace my scraps and keep my eye from wandering to the neatly folded piles of yardage.  I can say that after nine completed blocks, I’ve only “made” a scrap once, and that’s because the orange was too orange to leave out!  I’ve behaved myself and so has my machine, who’s “eaten” greens, blues and yellows ravenously.  Dare I say I’m running out of scraps?

It’s the colours you see; bright, saturated, types that fly off the design wall, capes-a-flapping, begging to be sewn into a block.  Like I said, I’ve completed nine so far, each inspired by a Marvel or DC comic book character.  When I started this quilt I thought I’d sew and sew until the block looked and felt done.  I’ve since revised that now, and each of the blocks are being made with specific dimensions in mind.  I felt that if I wanted to arrange them in a comic book style then there would have to be some sort of math to help me do that.  So, one particularly slow day in work last week saw me ruler in hand, planning the layout.  With these sizes decided upon, I sew a block until it’s a little larger and will trim it back when the time comes to add the sashing.  The numbers don’t stop me from getting my improv A-game on though.  Sometimes I sew strips, other times mini log cabin units.  I stack and slice and dice so much I half imagine speech bubbles filled with ‘POW’ and ‘ZAP’ radiating from my rotary cutter.

Each block has been great fun to make, though I particularly enjoyed the two above.  The topmost features the American flag, a nod to the identity of its namesake, whilst the bottom is the biggest block I’ve ever made.  It’s 27″ long!  When I made the Incredible Hulk block I was planning on sharing all the names.  Now, I think it might be fun to do a little competition once all the blocks are finished and see if people can guess who inspired them.  Four more to go…