Remember a few weeks back when I talked about the strike of inspiration that came from a Marvel comic?  Well, yesterday scraps were flying through the attic as I grabbed and sewed improv-style.  Even the dog wasn’t safe from the cascade of confetti that fell from the cutting mat.  I thought I’d start with The Incredible Hulk, thinking I get the most bang-for-my-buck in terms of scrap usage.  I mean, have you seen the size of that angry doctor?

To say I went at this without any sort of plan would be a lie.  I had the vaguest idea what I wanted to achieve, that was, take random scraps and sew them all together, without care or worry about size or straight seams.  I really wanted to let myself go, lucky-dipping into the scrap box to choose the next piece.  I forbade myself from using anything from stash.  If a scrap was too big, I sliced it in half; if it was too small, I added it to something else.  This liberating style of piecing is something I used when making the dinosaur quit, only this time there was no solid sashing, just blocks of uninterrupted colour.  Finished block size?  Didn’t have a clue!  I just added and trimmed until it “felt” right.

I tried to vary the piecing, sometimes sewing strips together, other times making small 4-patch blocks and adding a border to one or all the sides.  There were no rules, which made the process all the more enjoyable.  After a few more additions today, I think the first block is done.  But who knows?  A week down the line might see this Hulk block double in size.  I’m still leaning towards the idea of setting these blocks in a neutral background, perhaps a grey or black linen mix, something that will really set off the bright colours of Marvel.