Remember a few posts ago when I mention all the weird and wonderful places inspiration jumps out from to strike my creative consciousness?  Well, I’ve found it hiding in a pizza box.  A few months back, whilst browsing the ‘following’ feed on Instagram, I came across an improv block that someone had labelled ‘ice cream cone’.  It was very me and I wish I could remember who posted it.  Fast forward a few days and I found myself looking cock-eyed at that night’s pizza dinner.  All I could think about was how it resembled the block I’d seen.  One of the challenges I’d set myself this year was to make my own paper piecing pattern, and I started to think how cool it would be to have that pattern be a pizza slice.  Patchwork is full of triangles!  Before I knew it I’d grabbed a scrap of paper and was scribbling like a man possessed.

After a few attempts I had in my hands some semblance of a pattern and ran to sew it up.  I don’t mind saying I came across my first hurdle pretty early on.  I pondered and pondered the problem but couldn’t get my head around it.  Then, in a eureka moment, it came to be; the pattern has to be in 2 pieces!  A quick round two with the sewing machine and I had a block, albeit an imperfect one, that I’d designed myself.  The best bit?  It looked like a pizza slice!

My original idea was for this to be a square block but I thing it works better like this.  I have a plan in my head for a mini quilt, with rows of these slices set amongst a grey background.  The fun bit will be choosing fabrics for the “toppings”.  I can’t wait.


5 thoughts on “MAKING PIZZA

  1. You got me right off with the pizza title! I love the idea, and am thinking about other food themed quilts! Could you do one around my favorite fruit, blueberries?! I’d even send you a piece I had to have but don’t have time to make into something! Ooh, how ’bout a French macaron quilt?! That would be awesome!

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