This is gonna be a quick one, for reasons I’ll disclose soon.

Sometimes I buy fabric to hoard and look at.  Sometimes I buy fabric for a specific reason; I need it for a backing or a binding.  More often than not its imminent use means it doesn’t end up making it to the stash.  Such was the case with the binding fabric I chose for the Quilt-that-reminds-me-of-the-beach-until-I-think-of-a-better-name-quilt.  I love the clean simplicity of this print, which comes in a variety of colours, and it’ll be a perfect addition to the brightness of the beach quilt.

Sun Print by Alison Glass – Bike Path in white

Other times I don’t even buy fabric; I have it sent to me buy the loveliest people in the blogsphere.  One such example was the delightfully dapper Molli Sparkles, with whom I won’t be linking up with for Sunday Stash as he’s on the road again!  After his recent trip to Japan he returned with a wealth of goodies and my eagle eye was quick to spot some Joli Pomme amongst his loot.  This Japanese fabric is something I covet.  When I told him about the oh-so-special print his generosity saw him offer to send me some as a gift.  What a guy!  This print really has to be seen in the cloth to be truly appreciated.  Its M.C Esher in fabric!  I awaiting the perfect fabric find to repay the kind deed.

Joli Pomme – Metamorphose in black

The reason for this brief but beautiful fabric post is this is happening today…

Today’s Sunday Stash is hosted by Sarah at mila + cuatro.  Go check out all the fabric goodness.  I’ll see you all in a week!