In my last stashing post I likened myself to a quilting Spider-man, whose superpowers include fabric buying to the extreme, precision pressing and the ability to wrestle a beastly quilt through the minimal throat space of a domestic sewing machine.  Alright, I admit these aren’t at all on par with flying, invisibility and telekinesis, yet for a while I couldn’t get superheros off my mind.  It wasn’t their powers that tugged at the creative consciousness, but their colours.  All those bright reds, blues and greens, much like the colours found in my overflowing scrap bins.  As I looked closer I saw Superman red, Batman black, and a deeply-buried purple scrap that could have been torn from The Hulk’s shorts. With my brain currently in improv mode, I envisaged taking these scraps and making blocks, randomly sized and shaped, and setting them into a rich grey linen.  Just like that, the superhero quilt was born.  What could be more fun than taking a Kona colour card and matching it to Marvel?  I am itching to get started!

I love how inspiration strikes!  In recent weeks I’ve been inspired by, amongst other things, a leek, a red cabbage, wallpaper and a picture of geological strata, all wanting to be turned into quilts.  With my quilt bee commitments, as well as the other quilts on my to-do list, my future’s looking very busy.  Watch this space.

Quilters Assemble!