Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have noticed I’ve been messing around with a bundle of Sphere by Zen Chic for Moda recently.  I can’t really say too much but this is a special project for me and for that reason I haven’t shared much of its progress here.  I’m waiting for it to be finished before I finally reveal all…not like that cheeky!

As I’ve made this quilt I’ve grown to love the fabric collection even more. I loved the comma collection, also by Zen Chic, and Sphere has some great, bold prints as well as more subtle stash blenders.  The colours are so fresh, and although I usually shy away from yellows  I had great fun matching the collection to solids using my new Kona colour card.  I even took the opportunity for a little night sewing in the attic whilst the man was away.  It was strangely satisfying to look up and see the moon rather than the sun.

As this quilt has a an imminent deadline I’ve made great progress in a short space of time.  In fact, this is probably the quickest I’ve made a quilt.  After a marathon quilting session yesterday and this morning, all that remains to be done is squaring up and binding.  My binding fabric arrived this morning after some super quick delivery time from The Village Haberdashery, and is already cut and sewn together.  Talk amongst yourselves whilst I go and press it…well, you want that reveal don’t you?


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