You hear that?   That’s the sound of a quilt bee swarming through the blogsphere.  But this isn’t just any old quilting bee.  This is a beer and brawn, all signing, all dancing, all male quilting bee.  You may remember me mentioning the No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee in my last post of 2013.  Well, January has arrived and the Boys are buzzing!

For those new here, a recap.  Last year, as I admired the quilts of The Blogger’s Quilt Festival, a particular entry caught my eye.  Despite being colourful and modern and very much me, it wasn’t the quilt I was so intrigued by but it’s maker, who was a man; the “Gone with the Wind fabulous” Molli sparkles.  I was overjoyed to have found another like me!  Of course, I knew there were other male quilters out there;  I’d been an avid reader of Quilt Dad’s blog when I first found quilting, and my first completed quilt was made using one of his quilt block tutorials.  In the spirit of the festival I commented on Molli’s entry, congratulating his efforts.  Little did I know how much of an impact this seemingly simple interaction would have on my quilting life.

Fast forward two month and we’re here, in January, for the first month of the #NGAQB.  That’s right, we’ve got a hashtag!  The thing has gone global.  Shortly after our interaction Molli posted an image to his Instagram feed and the idea grew wings.  People commented, the buzz got louder and before we knew it we had 13 guys ready to quilt, including Mr. Quilt Dad himself, John Adams.   A…ma…zing!  I give you the #NGAQB class of 2013

Whip Holder: Andres Rosales

January’s gentleman is Mr. Sandy Greenberg; UK Chicagoan, husband of Brioni Greenberg of Flossy Bossy fame and all round great guy who likes reading and watching Science Fiction, motor sports, travelling and having fun with his 4-year-old boy.  The members of the bee have been so forthcoming with tidbits and tales of their lives it feels like we’ve been friends for years.  Sandy has a great attitude towards quilting.

“I approach quilting as a technical challenge.  I am less bothered by the outcome and am more interested in the process.  I LOVE paper foundation piecing! I have no interest or love of fabric however. I pay no attention to lines or designers, just pretty colours and patterns. I’m a fearless skilled amateur. My second ever project was a pattern of curved flying geese of my own design and everyone thought I was brave and crazy. I just did it because no one told me that I couldn’t.”

Check out Sandy’s work over on his blog and Flickr feed, and by following him on Instagram (Curly_Boy1) and Twitter (@Curly_boy1).

For his month, Sandy asked for Lone Starburst blocks, one with a light background and one with a dark.  For those of you who follow me on Instagram you would have already seen the blocks I’ve made.  I really enjoyed picking the fabric for these.  Sandy told us he was interested in colour theory so I really wanted to make something zingy.  You know that anything Tula Pink is gonna work!

These are ready to go into the post today.  I’m so excited!  It’s been awesome to see all the blocks the other members have made and I can’t wait to see how sandy puts them together.  This whole experience is promising to be something really special and I hope you’ll follow along to see what happens when a bunch of guys are let loose with a rotary cutter and a fat quarter!  Who knows what we’ll have to share at the end of it all.  You can follow along with the hashtag #NGAQB on Instagram and Twitter or click on the badge in the sidebar to link to the Flickr page.


  1. And like that, life takes a detour! Funny that! I feel so blessed that you made that one comment… and I responded! These blocks are so punchy and zingy… Fantabulous. I think you’re a rock star.

  2. Ooooooo! Love the blocks! I think the NGAQB totally rocks, even if I can’t join in. Thanks for the pics of what you are making and doing. Enjoy reading about the members, how y’all met, and the blogs. Hey, I am a transplant to the SE region of the US. So yes, Molli Sparkles, gotta see Gone With the Wind! Unless, of course, like Rhett Butler, you frankly don’t give a damn.

  3. Sounds like fun! Wish I could participate… but just sew swamped! What with #economyblockalong and #gettingmygrooveon and not to mention #gettinghexyonthetrain. Nice blocks! 🙂

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