Doesn’t your heart just melt when you hear that four-letter word.  You know, the one that gives you goosebumps and makes you flutter your eyelashes at your significant other.  That’s it, sale, or more specifically, fabric sale!  I know that’s two words consisting of ten letters but who cares; this isn’t a Scrabble board!  After all the over-indulgence of the festive period I need to shed a few pounds and so did my wallet.  My inbox was full of newsletters and ads detailing all the wonderful fabric sales that were taking place.  I didn’t really know where to start so I just dove right in!

M Is For Make had a great selection of reduced fabric and I indulged my love of graphic neutrals.  There are still bargains to be found, with up to 70% off some lines.  New items have recently been added, much to my chagrin, including Feathers and Bike Path from the Sun Print collection by Alison Glass.

Clockwise from left:

Riley Blake – Small Chevron in black, Timeless Treasures – Sketch in charcoal, Robert Kaufman – Owl Nest in Black, Uno – Raindrops in white, Stitch Floral – Stitch Square in stone, Michael Miller – Random Pencil Check in denim, Michael Miller – Random Pencil Check in linen, 2wenty Thr3e – Modern Girl in pavement, 2wenty Thr3e – Fox Trot in pavement.

The Village Haberdashery had a great sale, with up to 65% off some fabrics.  I added to the stash with simple chevrons and some more pieces from the ‘Uno’ Collection, a few of which are still available.

Clockwise from left:

Riley Blake – Chevron in grey, Uno – Floating Axes in turquoise, Riley Blake – Chevron in navy, Uno – Half Moon Stripe in teal, Riley Blake – Small Chevron in grey, Uno – Half Moon Stripe in navy, Riley Blake – Chevron in aqua.

Finally, some bargains a little closer to home.  I was hoping that the haberdashery department at work would be putting the Tula Pink ‘Acacia’ prints into clearance, but alas I had to make do with these.  I’m not usually fond of these types of novelty prints, but having finished a baby quilt recently I guess I was thinking with that cap on.  The stripe will make great binding and The Hungry Caterpillar print was too cute to leave behind.

That’s it!  What bargains have you added to your stash recently?