The latest additions to my fabric sash are not of my choosing, and I think it’s for that reason I love them all the more.  A friend and I recently exchanged gifts for the festive season and whilst I knew I was getting fabric, I had no idea what that fabric would be.  She’d been given free rein to pick and choose a bundle and what I received was totally unexpected.

She won’t mind me saying that yellow is not a colour I’m drawn to all that often, in fact, it’s probably the colour most lacking in my stash.  You can imagine my surprise then when I opened the gift and saw yellow, lots of yellow, mixed with browns and greys.  The graphic neutral prints screamed me, but the yellows?  Well, I love them!  The experience has taught me that perhaps I’ve become too comfortable in my fabric choices and while I’ll always have my go style of fabric, relinquishing some of the creative control is not always a bad thing.

Clockwise from left:

Urban Mod – Triangularity in sterling, Carnaby Street – Kings Road in lemon, Tomotake for Kokka – Herringbone in citron, Matilda – Chevron in mocha, Minimalista – Confetti in honeycomb, Squared Elements in lemongrass, Basic Grey – Raspberry jam in picnic, Minimilista – Confetti in noir.

A few of these fabrics are on sale at M is for Make, so head over there now and grab a bargain.

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