I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge geek.  Aside from my obsession with dinosaurs, which has been well-documented on this blog, I love all things fantasy and sci-fi.  I was raised on The X Files, my bookcase is weighed down with Tolkien, Pratchett and Hobb, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Star Wars.  What little boy doesn’t have thoughts of battling dragons or exploring space?  I know I did…and still do!

On the 10th of November, International Space Station Expedition 37 returned to earth after some seven months in orbit.  Aboard the Space Station was American Flight Engineer Karen Nyberg, a passionate crafter and sewer.  Amazingly, during her free time Karen was able to make a quilt block and overcome all the difficulties of sewing in zero gravity.  For the quilters amongst us who would love to go to space (if I’m not alone), imagine being able to sew there too!  Karen sent a video to earth in which she talks about the problems she encountered with cutting, stitching and maintaining accurate seams, before revealing her completed block.  It’s truly amazing!

And the best bit?  She’s invited quilters from all over the world to come together and make a ‘global community space quilt’ which will combine her block and all those submitted.  The blocks will be stitched together for display at the 40th annual International Quilt Festival in 2014 and at other public displays.  The 9.5″ square blocks can be any variation of a star theme, using any colour, style and technique and must be received by the 1st August 2014.  I got really excited when I read about this and can’t wait to submit my block.  For more information about how to submit your block, download the flyer.

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