It’s difficult for me to come home from work empty-handed (I work in a department store with a modest fabric selection) so I knew I’d better leave room in my bag when I went to London earlier this week.  Aside from visiting The Village Haberdashery, which I’ll be telling you about soon, I hadn’t really planned any major fabric shopping.  I’d actually purchased a few of the pieces from Tula Pink’s new Acacia collection before I left, and was happy to see more of them in Oxford Street’s larger, better stocked version of where I work.  Unfortunately Fortunately, for my bank balance at least, they didn’t have the entire collection, so I’ll be adding to this stash with the remaining prints soon.  Such awesome colours!


Clockwise from left:

Raccoon in slate, Diamonds in slate, Hummingbird in slate, Butterfly Wings in slate, Pineapple Slices in slate, Quills in slate, Arrowheads in slate, Pixel Dot in slate, Hummingbird in yellow, Butterfly Wings in sunset, Diamonds in sunset, Arrowheads in sunset, Quills in sunset, Pineapple Slices in sunset, Hummingbirds in sunset, Pixel Dot in sunset, Raccoon in sunset

2 thoughts on “STASHING #4

  1. Thank you for such a passionate review of such a lovely sounding shop, as a Londoner originally, though not now, I will make sure to visit next time I’m in town. For now I will follow their blog, as well as yours!

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