I planned to update you on this yesterday.  Alas, my internet connection had other ideas and I spent more time than I would have liked leaning over the back of the TV, unplugging the router and counting to 10.  It’s pleasing to think that in our technology-filled lives, if all should overheat and blow a fuse, at least our trusty needle and thread will see us still sewing.

Despite the technical hitch, I’ve made steady progress on the Gossip Quilt, though I’m still a way off from completing the top.  I spent most of yesterday and this morning piecing blocks, of which there are 30, each finishing at 12.5″ square   I love the randomness and repetitiveness of this project – sew, press, trim, sew, press, trim…

When working on a block I start with a solid center (if you remember from this post, there are 4 solid colours as well as the text and monochromatic fabric) and then add the logs in rounds, squaring up after each set of 4.  The center squares are all different sizes, as are the logs.  I don’t procrastinate over which to use and tend to choose at random, though I do try and have mixture of prints and widths within each block.  So far, I’ve only made pink ones; I have the blue solid cut up ready and will purchase the yellow and orange next week.


One thought on “A GOSSIP QUILT – WIP II

  1. I love the colours and how you’ve used them in your dinosaur quilt! It’s unusual too , with the dinosaurs in the middle of it. Good luck with your entry!

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