I have to laugh at some of the excuses I attempt to use, even on myself; “the last quilt I made used small pieces so I’m bound to have more scraps; of course there are more, they were given to you; as crazy as it sounds, I think the fabric is breeding”…the list goes on.

The (difficult to deny) truth is simple; I can’t stop buying fabric!

So, another sort out was needed, this time taking what use to be an immense collective of black, white and grey scraps and separating them into more manageable boxes of black, whites, and greys!

Light could come at the end of this lengthy, fabric-lined tunnel in the shape of this book.  I’ve always been an avid follower of both Amanda Jean’s and Cheryl’s blogs, so perhaps now is the perfect time for this purchase.

Do you have any scrap stories to share?