Hello and welcome to Quilts From The Attic, where there are dinosaurs.  Not real ones of course, though that would make for a very interesting blog.  Alas, the dinosaurs I’m writing about today are fabric, or rather, I’m writing about fabric with dinosaurs on it.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself…let me explain.

It started not with a big bang, but fabric, and the fact that I can’t get enough of it.  I’m a quilter see, and my attic has been invaded, taken overadorned with the stuff.  I’ve always been creative, taught by my grandmother to sew and mend socks.  I was fascinated with the contents of her sewing box and wanted to make sense of seams and slip stitch.  About 3 years ago, needing a new creative direction, I happened upon patchwork and the quilting of it, and the rest, as per the extinction of the dinosaurs, was history.

I can count the number of quilts I’ve made on one hand.  The last two were gifted as wedding presents.  I love the process; the fabric selection, the cutting and piecing, and the satisfaction of that last inch of binding being sewn into place.  Along my past quilting journeys, I’d document with photographs and notes, jotting down ideas for next time.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the many wonderful quilt blogs that already reverberate through the blog-sphere.  Favourites include Red Pepper Quilts, Diary of a Quilter and Oh, Fransson!  So, it’s in good company that I embark upon my own blogging adventure and write this, my very first post.  If you’re still with me you may remember something about dinosaurs.  This is what I was talking about…


This Dan Morris Timeless treasure fabric has been siting in my stash for a while.  You see, as well as my unhealthy obsession with fabric, I never really grew out of my dinosaur one either.  So, in a kaleidoscopic collision of creativity and geekiness, I’ve started to make a dinosaur quilt.  I scoured the web for inspiration yet was left somewhat unimpressed.  The majority of people who’d made dinosaur quilts had done so for children.  I wanted to make this for me.  I wanted it to be modern and manly!  The answer came in this tutorial from Oh, Fransson!  I’d found the perfect block!

I’ve since pulled fabrics to match the colours of the dinosaurs, a mixture of patterns and solids, with some black thrown in for contrast.  The plan is to have different sized rows of different sized blocks, something akin to dinosaur scales or plates.  I’m pressing on with the blocks and hope to have the top pieced by the weekend.